Cat & the Fiddle

Decided to order a cake from somewhere different this year for Mum’s birthday and we bought her cake from Cat & the Fiddle – introduced by my colleague, too. She’s a foodie and will often go food hunting with her ex-colleagues in the weekend. She bought this yu zu cheesecake for us to try (How not to get fat at work? :() and I brought it home to share with mum and bro. It taste super delicious haha so yup that’s how I’ve decided to order cheesecake for her birthday this year.

Pre-ordered their cake on their website and collected it at Clark Quay on Friday 🙂 The person took this pretty paper bag and the cake straight out from the freezer (because it’s cheesecake)

 We got Fickle Feline – a mix of 10 different cheesecake flavors (including the yu zu one <3) at $35.20

1. The Emperor’s Romance (Lychee and Martini)
Dad savored the whole thing by himself 😦 IMG_0507.JPG2. Paws of fury  (Yuan-yang; Espresso and Hong Kong style milk tea mix)
Shared this with mum last night and it’s super good! ❤
Bro didn’t eat any last night because he knocked out on his bed after coming back from OC on Saturday morning. Photo shoot with the rest of the slices this morning 🙂 IMG_0508.JPG3. Queen of Hearts  (Strawberry Cheesecake)IMG_0509.JPG4. Over the Moon (New York Cheesecake)IMG_0512.JPG5. Caribbean Surfari  (Pina colada cheesecake with coconut cream cheese, malibu, pineapple pieces and pineapple purée)IMG_0513.JPG6. The Modern Duke’s Pudding  (Oreo cookie crumble)IMG_0510.JPG7. Maneki neko -(Cheesecake with yuzu, lime leaves and lemon zest)
Still my favourite thus far! <3. 6 more slices waiting to be devoured by us in the freezer. IMG_0511.JPG
8. The Russian Whiskers  (Mango cheesecake with fresh mango chunks and hints of Volka)IMG_0515.JPG
9. Sicilian Wild Cats (Tiramisu)
Mum like this flavor because the rum taste is stronger than the Classico we tried a L’Atelier Tiramisu in my previous post.
IMG_0516.JPG10. Sweet and Smokey Taffy (Salted caramel with Oreo biscuit crust) IMG_0519.JPG
The cake comes with a ‘Thank You’ tag 🙂
We stored the cake in the freezer and took the slices we want to eat out to thaw before consumption 🙂

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